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ObraSKov 22.6.2011 - 25.9.2011 As part of its programme of exhibitions of international art, the Wannieck Gallery in Brno has organised in summer 2011 a representative and retrospective overview of contemporary Slovakian painting, entitled “ObraSKov – Contemporary Painting in Slovakia”. This ambitious project will be the largest exhibition of Slovakian painting in the Czech Republic in recent times. The main aim of the exhibition is to present to the Czech cultural public a comprehensive overview of Slovakian painting and its main developmental trends over the past decade (since 2005). The exhibition will present the work of leading personalities and their programmes, and also intergenerational dialogue; the exhibition will showcase the current Slovakian painting scene, from the older Bratislava generation (Prof. Vladimír Popovič (1939), Prof. Rudolf Sikora (1946)) to the youngest graduates of the Košice school (Lucia Dovičáková (1981), Boris Sirka (1981)). The exhibition shows the position of painting in Slovakia, the direction it is taking and its specific characteristics in a Central European context. It will present a basic spectrum of trends, from dominant figure painting (M. Černušák, L. Dovičáková, B. Hostiňák, V. Rónaiová, B. Sirka) to geometric abstraction (M. Balážová, A. Szentpétery, J. Vasilko); from expressive works ( E. Binder, J. Farmanová), via post-conceptual approaches (B. Baláž, M. Blažo, Monogramista T.D., R. Sikora), technical images and works (I. Csudai, D. Fischer, M. Czinege, E. Šille) to media attention given to painting and the deconstruction of painting (BinderFresh, L. Gažiová, D. Lehocká, V. Popovič). This unique project will also be accompanied by individual exhibitions by young Slovak artists Michal Czinege (Galerie Za stěnou, Behind the Wall Gallery) and Michal Černušák (Galerie Na mostě, On the Bridge Gallery). The curator of the exhibitions will be Dr. Vladimír Beskid, a leading Slovak art historian and curator of the Galéria Jána Koniarka in Trnava, which has long dealt with the medium of painting in a Central European context. The programme of the “ObraSKov” exhibition represents a continuation of past presentations of Slovakian art in the Brno gallery, for example “PitoreSKa – the Contemporary Slovakian Image” in 2007 and CZ-SK (Contemporary Young Artists) in 2008-09.

The exhibition takes place under the patronage of the Mayor of Brno, Mr. Roman Onderka, and the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Prague, Mr. Peter Brňo

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Kurator: Vladimir Beskid

Künstler: Blazej Balaz, Maria Balazova, Erik Binder, Lucia Dovicakova, Jana Farmanova, Daniel Fischer, Viktor Freso, Ladislava Gaziova, Bohdan Hostinak, Ivan Csudai, Denisa Lehocka, Vladimir Popovic, Veronika Ronaiova, Boris Sirka, Rudolf Sikora, Erik Sille, Adam Szentpetery, Jan Vasilko, Dezider Toth