press release

Love — l'amour — is one of art's enduring themes. From classical antiquity to contemporary America, this profound idea, both abstract and physical, has inspired collectors as well as creators. Stéphane Janssen, Belgian by birth and resident in Arizona, is one such collector. Beginning with a love of art that emerged in his teenage years, Janssen went on to assemble an extensive and entirely unique collection that includes almost every creative medium: painting, ceramics, photography, and more. For this exhibition, Janssen generously shares a group of contemporary photographs that reflect his vision as a patron. Sharing elements of fantasy and physicality, exuberance and emotion, these photographs — by artists such as Philip Lorca diCorcia, Sally Mann, Duane Michals, Vik Muniz, and Spencer Tunick, among others — depict love in myriad forms and guises.

Oh l'amour: Contemporary Photography from the Stephane Janssen Collection

Künstler: Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Anthony Goicolea, Sally Mann, Duane Michals, Vik Muniz, Spencer Tunick ...