press release

On the occasion of Saastamoinen Foundation’s acquisition of Pentagonal mirror tunnel by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson especially for EMMA, the museum presents Pentagonal landscapes, a selection of the artist’s works. Created in a close dialogue between EMMA and Studio Olafur Eliasson, the presentation is a continuation of the museum’s exhibitions of contemporary art, which display diverse perspectives on topical themes.

Olafur Eliasson (born 1967) is a contemporary artist who explores the relationship between people and their surroundings. The works included in the presentation, the majority of which were created within the last six years, explore many of the artist’s key interests, such as light, optics, mirrors, architecture, orientation, and landscape.

Olafur Eliasson works in a wide range of art forms – including installation, painting, sculpture, photography and film. Since 1997, his solo shows have appeared in major museums, such as New York’s Museum of Modern Art, London’s Tate Modern and the Venice Biennale. Eliasson’s projects in public spaces include The New York City Waterfalls (2008); Cirkelbroen (The Circle Bridge), Copenhagen (2015); and Ice Watch, which brought melting icebergs from Greenland to Copenhagen in 2014 and to Paris on the occasion of the COP21 climate conference in 2015.

Established in 1995, Olafur Eliasson’s studio in Berlin numbers about eighty people – architects, assistants, art historians, archivists and cooks. In 2014, Eliasson and architect Sebastian Behmann founded Studio Other Spaces, an office for art and architecture focusing on interdisciplinary and experimental building projects and works in public spaces. Together with engineer Frederik Ottesen, Eliasson runs Little Sun, a global project that produces solar lamps and chargers for off-grid communities.