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The British film-makers Oliver Payne and Nick Relph won the prize for best young artists at the Venice Biennial in 2003, with the videowork Mixtape. This has been acquired for the Museum Collection. The pulsating, eclectic visual language employed by the artists reflects the spirit of the times as experienced by the young, urban generation. The work plays upon a broad range of references: pop culture, romantic infatuation and political documentary. Mixtape is presented in a broad context - together with all the other work made by the young film-makers. Their first films, the trilogy Driftwood (1999), House & Garage (2000) and Jungle (2001), were nominated for Beck's Futures Award last year, whilst thir latest work, Gentlemen, was shown at the Tate Triennial in 2003. Pressetext

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Oliver Payne & Nick Relph - Film and videoworks