press release

The lives of many world citizens are affected by forced migration, while numerous others can travel freely and frequently. The harsh reality of people who do not move by their own choice is at odds with the lives and liberties of the privileged, like artists, who are invited to exhibit their work all over the world.

Yet, many artists are pre-occupied with their fellow men: and in their work migration and mobility, assimilation and translation, are key issues today. Alongside cinematic and documentary approaches the essentially visual discipline of contemporary artists seems even to be a conditio sine qua non to analyse and deconstruct the complex imagery and semantics concerned. The ‘On Mobility’ project explores various views of the subject and it shows works made by artists who examine mobility in the broadest sense.

Curator: Saskia Bos, director De Appel.

The project exists of five relay-exhibitions. The first exhibition will be in Amsterdam, in De Appel. In November BüroFriedrich in Berlin will organise a show consisting of a choice of artworks shown in Amsterdam plus four new artists added to this selection. Next, ‘On Mobility’ will travel to the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius (February 2006) and to Trafó / Stúdió Galéria in Budapest (May 2006). These institutions will also add work of four new artists to a selection from the previous collection. The fifth and final exhibition will again be in De Appel (June 2006), now showing a completely different group of artists - all those who were added by the partner institutions.


On Mobility I
Kurator: Saskia Bos

mit Tiong Ang, Bik Van der Pol, Castro / Olafsson, Marjetica Potrc, Banu Cennetoglu, Multiplicity , Alicia Framis, Nasrin Tabatabai

26.08.05 - 25.09.05 De Appel, Amsterdam
19.11.05 - 05.01.06 Büro Friedrich Berlin
03.02.06 - 19.03.06 Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
04.05.06 - 04-06.06 TRAFO House, Budapest
15.07.06 - 27.08.06 De Appel, Amsterdam