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This exhibition features six artists from Montreal, Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, London (Ontario), and Mexico City. Drawing is the consistent basis of their varied approaches to art making. Adrian Norvid (Montreal) creates a heterogeneous universe of common objects, animals and portraits. Gabriela Rodriguez (Mexico City) uses drawing as a system of continuous notation toward intimate narratives. Luanne Martineau (Victoria) is inspired by popular culture narratives and their visual proponents, such as the 1960s underground comic artist R. Crumb who has been embraced by the contemporary art world. Martineau is also known for her extraordinary fabric sculptures. Jason Mclean's (Vancouver) drawings often originate in performance events and typically include the artist's musings on these events with commentary on current artistic trends. Similarly, Toronto artist Derek Sullivan's fanciful urban landscapes are filled with the stuff of everyday life, some of which morphs into sly references to traditions in modern art that are the formative base for his generation's art. For the past two decades Kim Moodie (London, Ont.) has woven a personal vocabulary of imagery into complexly layered line drawings. His work finds a natural affinity with that of a new generation of artists who have returned to drawing as a primary practice rather than a provisional means toward artistic ends in other media.

Works by Jason Mclean and Luanne Martineau are included in ‘Just My Imagination’, at the Museum of Canadian contemporary Art (MoCCA, 952 Queen St. W, Toronto ) July 16 � August 21, 2005 (organized by Kim Moodie and David Merritt)

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Künstler: Kim Moodie, Derek Sullivan, Luanne Martineau, Adrian Norvid