press release

The second exhibition of Pennacchio Argentato at T293 Gallery is based on a combination of two languages. Video and sculpture. The project is the result of a long reflection on processes which has led to a subtle analysis of production processes of consumer goods. The two artist’ are interested in people, objects and unclear shapes which carry the tension and energy which are released during these processes. The video Faraway is the recording of a performance that took place in January. We see three people standing on an “island” for hours on end surrounded by the most terrible degradation without being allowed to talk to each other. The vide places the action and shooting of the performance in a different context as if it wants to subject the consumption of the goods and reaching to an uncontrolled acceleration until it evaporates in a great cloud of ecstasy and unconsciousness. The second work is a sculpture that whirls around although it is solidly attached to the floor. The acceleration produces a string of different colors on the surface which transform the consumed energy into a new image.

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Pasquale Pennacchio & Marisa Argentato