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Reflected Reflection is the title of the latest project by Pennacchio Argentato (Marisa Argentato, 1977 and Pasquale Pennacchio, 1979) which explores the elasticity and capacity of reality’s conceptual extension. The starting point consists in tracing natural materials and enhancing them with formal aspects and highly imaginative and imaginary content. This process makes it possible to reformulate reality through a set of elements and observations which detach themselves from the pursuit of a univocal result, in order to create a system full of aesthetic suggestions. The main aspect of their research consists in managing to blend such a large number of different contents and condense them in mysterious and evasive forms. For their latest project the artists started off with the assumption that conscience is a form of reality full of ambiguities. The two resin sculptures, representing three mud puddles, are the result of inserting coloured and luminous materials in the dull and artificial surface of the mud puddles as if to symbolise, in a moment of sheer magic, the contemporaneous taking shape of an effect (reflex) following an action (reflection).

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Pasquale Pennacchio & Marisa Argentato
Reflected Reflection