press release

Passwords aims to show and document the many lines of criticism and artistic creation based on feminist viewpoints developed in an audiovisual format since the 1960s. The project's goal is to reveal, question and refute the sexist mechanisms and undercurrent present in mainstream artistic iconography concerning women and femininity.

CYCLE 9. "VÍDEO A LA MEXICANA: ON SEX-ES, LOVE AND HUMOR" Maris Bustamante / Débora Carnevali / Mónica Castillo / Eugenia Chellet / Paola Esquivel / Sarah Minter / Ale de la Puente / Pola Weiss

only in german

Kurator: Monica Mayer

Künstler: Maris Bustamante, Debora Carnevali, Monica Castillo, Eugenia Chellet, Paola Esquivel, Sarah Minter, Ale de la Puente, Pola Weiss