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The Galerie Guy Bärtschi is presenting the work of Per Barclay from January 26th to March 11th, 2006 in the main space. The show will comprise of two installations and a series of photographs, all produced especially by the gallery for this exhibition. The series La Banque was created this year in Geneva on the former premises of a local bank.

A catalogue will be published on this occasion, with an introduction written by Frédéric Bonnet.

Per Barclay was born in Oslo in 1955. He currently lives and works in Paris. Having lived for many years in Italy, Arte povera has influenced his work considerably.

The artist concurrently uses photography, sculpture and installation to question our relationship to representation. Images engage in a dialog with space, which he animates and modulates, profoundly transforming our perception of it.

Per Barclay’s pieces are born from the space where they are conceived. They emerge to the spectator as a new kind of vision, a claustrophobic and inaccessible universe where water, oil, light and even blood play a violent role, in contrast to the aesthetic purity of the actual piece.

Volumes disappear, relief explores variety of forms. The gaze has to conform to these new rules and find a reality in the shimmer of a reflection. It is a strange game, in which, for once, the virtual produces the real.


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Per Barclay