press release

21.04.2021 - 02.03.2023

Perspectives on place
MCA Collection

This major new display reimagines the MCA’s Level 2 galleries, which are dedicated to the Museum’s permanent collection.

MCA Collection: Perspectives on place brings together artworks that explore the social and physical aspects of place. It has been imagined as an expanded map, which weaves together a picture of the world made from rituals, memories, metaphors, imprints and repurposed materials.

The works stem from specific sites to illuminate broader ideas around geopolitics and environmental change, communal life and custodianship. Collectively they reveal how the notion of place is entwined with different cultural perspectives on time, history and belonging.

The exhibition is drawn from the MCA’s diverse collection of over 4500 artworks. It includes recent acquisitions, collection highlights and works owned jointly with Tate, London, through a groundbreaking international partnership. Since its inception in 1989, the Museum has acquired new and recent works by living artists across all media, shaping a distinctive history of art from Australia as it unfolds.

A new Artist Room dedicated to the work of David Malangi Daymirringu has been unveiled as part of the display.

Anneke Jaspers

Khadim Ali, Louisa Bufardeci, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Megan Cope, Bonita Ely, Janet Fieldhouse, Emily Floyd, Fiona Foley, Gunybi Ganambarr, Simryn Gill, Bianca Hester, Mason Kimber, Rosemary Laing, Robert MacPherson, Peter Maloney, Minnie Manarrdjala, Nicholas Mangan, Martu Artists, Kumpaya Girgirba, Kanu Nancy Taylor, Ngalangka Nola Taylor, Ngamaru Bidu, Wokka Taylor, Muuki Taylor, Jakayu Biljabu, Bowja Patricia Butt, Noelene Girgirba, Angelica Mesiti, Yukultji Napangati, Tom Nicholson, Raquel Ormella, Maria Josette Orsto, Shirley Purdie, Yasmin Smith, David Stephenson, Angela Tiatia, Alick Tipoti, Justin Trendall