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Pertti Kekarainen (born 1965) is one of the most successful names of Finnish photography on the international scene. His works have been on show in solo and joint exhibitions in European museums and galleries, and they have been purchased for the collections of leading international business institutions and for important private collections in Europe, North America and South America. Kekarainen has also made extensive commissioned works for clients in Finland and Sweden.

The present exhibition features works from the TILA – SPACE series that have not been seen previously in Finland along with completely new works. The series deals in a poetic manner with space, its properties and ambiguity. In their atmosphere, the works approach painting, its ability to create illusions of space and varied visual meanings. They are like contemporary versions of Claude Monet's haystacks or cathedrals. The excellent perception of space makes it easy to understand that Kekarainen was originally trained as a sculptor, now working with the means of photography and painting.

The exhibition is part of Pertti Kekarainen's work for the degree of Doctor of Arts at the Finnish Academy of Arts.

Galerie Anhava will also display works by Pertti Kekarainen at Art Basel on 4 – 8 June. In the autumn of next year he will hold a major retrospective at the recently enlarged and refurbished Villa Oppenheim in Berlin, from where the showing will go to the Stadtgalerie Kiel. A catalogue will appear in connection with the exhibition.

Ilona Anhava

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Pertti Kekarainen
Works from the TILA - SPACE series