press release

The Kreeger Museum will present an architectural exhibition of works by Philip Johnson (1906-2005), one of America’s foremost architects. Philip Johnson: Architecture as Art , will showcase the relationship between art and architecture as seen by Philip Johnson in his late works. Johnson was influenced strongly by works of art, from paintings to sculpture. Using documentation based on her close working relationship with Johnson, exhibition curator Hilary Lewis will provide viewers with information on Johnson’s works of the 1990s and 2000s that were not only sculptured architecture, but sculpture itself. Paintings from Johnson’s own collection by Jasper Johns, Frank Stella and Andy Warhol will be on display along with a combination of models, drawings, sculpture and photographs, that will present visitors with the final and fascinating chapter of Johnson’s very long career.

The exhibition is curated by Hilary Lewis, an expert on architecture, urban planning and real estate development. Lewis collaborated with Philip Johnson on books, multiple articles and a short film over a 12 year period of work. During this time, Johnson spent years with Lewis recording his memoirs and ideas on architecture. Her first book, Philip Johnson: The Architect in His Own Words (Rizzoli) was co-authored by John O’Connor and received the AIA International Book Award. Her second, The Architecture of Philip Johnson (Time Warner Book Group) was produced with Richard Payne, renowned for his decades-long commitment to photograph Johnson’s oeuvre.

Philip Johnson