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PHOTOESPAÑA 2005 SHOWS HOW WE LIVE IN THE 21ST CENTURY CITY PHE05 comprises 52 exhibitions of the work of more than a hundred photographers and visual artists from 20 countries. Among the great names in this edition are Bernd and Hilla Becher, William Klein, Stan Douglas and Stephen Shore.

PHotoEspaña presents new projects produced specifically for the Festival by Martin Parr, Bertien van Manen, Miguel Trillo and Juan Ugalde.

PHE Campus organises workshops in Aranjuez with René Burri, Alberto García-Alix, Donna Ferrato and Massimo Vitali, among others. Oliviero Toscani will give a master class.

PHE05 continues the Festival’s progressive opening to all creative forms within the visual arts field, including films presenting a cycle dedicated to William Klein’s filmography and audiovisual projections on The Reina Sofía National Museum and Art Centre.

Encuentros PHE addresses the Festival theme with the participation of architects and urban planners.

PHotoEspaña leaves Madrid for the first time. Toledo will host two Official Section exhibitions.

IVAM and the Instituto Cervantes join the Festival.

The eighth edition of the International Festival of Photography and the Visual Arts, PHotoEspaña 2005, begins in Madrid on June 1st. Once again, the city’s major museums, art centres, exhibition halls and galleries host more than 50 exhibitions with recent projects by outstanding visual artists and images by the great masters of international photography.

PHotoEspaña is photography’s fiesta: exhibitions, activities, professional encounters, a portfolio review, workshops and master classes with photographers are all ingredients of a festival that for a month and a half turns Madrid into the world capital of photography.

The title of PHE05 is Ciudad (The City). The 26 exhibitions in the Official Section are characterised by the use of documentary languages and the proximity of artistic work to common experience. Ciudad speaks of current urban reality by taking a journey into our daily existence in the single global city.

Ciudad is a route that tests the capacity of visual arts to give form in the richest and most critical way possible to the complex and confusing urban life of our time. It is a proposal committed to the present that describes the global city in which we live and simultaneously inspires in spectators possible interpretations of the future.

In this edition, PHotoEspaña increases the number of exhibitions produced specifically for the Festival. Eleven artists show new projects commissioned by PHotoEspaña.

Twenty-one art galleries and five guest halls participate in the Off Festival.

PHE05 OFFICIAL PRIZES The Festival organisation grants seven important prizes that distinguish the best exhibitions in the Festival as well as the year’s most outstanding experts and professionals.

They are as follow: the PHotoEspaña Prize, which awards a purchase of work for the value of 12,000 euros and a trophy by Eduardo Arroyo; the Bartolomé Ros Award, donated by the Ros family and endowed with 12,000 euros; the Best Young Photographer of the Year and Descubrimientos prizes which grant winners an exhibition in the next edition of PHotoEspaña; the Off Festival prize in recognition of the best gallery show; the Best Photography Book of the Year prize; and the M2-El Mundo Public Prize, awarded by Festival visitors to the best exhibition in PHotoEspaña.

Winners in all categories attend the Award Ceremony and audiovisuals of their work will be projected on a giant screen.


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Kurator: Horacio Fernandez
PHE Campus, Aranjuez: Kurator Enrica Vigano

Arbeiten von Jeronimo Alvarez, Lewis Baltz, Diego Barajas, Bernd und Hilla Becher, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, René Burri, , Gabriel Cuallado, Ricky Davila, Stan Douglas, Antonio Julio Duarte, Tracey Emin, Donna Ferrato, Larry Fink, Group Fotoleve, Fernell Franco, Alberto Garcia-Alix, Stephen Gill, Jean-Luc Godard, Keith Haring, Jia Zhang-Ke, Francesco Jodice, Karl Karman, William Klein, Christopher Makos, Bertien van Manen, Oscar Marine, Satoshi Minakawa, Joan Morey, Philipp Oswalt, Selina Ou, Bill Owens, Martin Parr, Comenius Roethlisberger, Walter Rosenblum, Stephen Shore, Katja Stuke / Oliver Sieber (Die Böhm-Handelszentrum), Augusto Alves da Silva, Digna Sinke, Montserrat Soto, David Spero, Guy Tillim, Oliviero Toscani, Miguel Trillo, Juan Ugalde, Agnes Varda, Massimo Vitali, Donovan Wylie ...

PHE05 Veranstalter / Veranstaltungsorte: Reina Sofía, Madrid; Fundación Canal, Madrid; Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid; Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid; Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art; Fundacion Astroc; Casa de America; Canal de Isabel II Exhibition Hall; Museo Colecciones ICO; Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid; Santa Cruz Museum, Toledo; IVAM Valencia; Instituto Cervantes ...