press release

"PILLish: Harsh Realities and Gorgeous Destinations" explored the dichotomy of drug culture, its enchantments and pitfalls. The exhibition looked at all forms of substances from pills to alcohol, legal to illegal, while considering that they are a mirror into our evolutionary track- biologically, psychologically and culturally. The psycho-sexual appeal of substances as immediate or long-term escape from reality, as well as the consequences of such impulses and patterns, was part of the platform of experience that the exhibit put forth.


PILLish: Harsh Realities and Gorgeous Destinations

mit Barton Lidice Benes, Glenn Brown, Richard Billingham, Albert Chong, Larry Clark, David Critchley / Dr. Elizabeth Lee, Diller & Scofidio, Barnaby Furnas, Tom Fruin, Nan Goldin, Damien Hirst, Carsten Holler, Andy Diaz Hope, Mr. , Takashi Murakami, Roxy Paine, Thomas Ruff, Fred Tomaselli