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Preview: Thursday 13 July 6:00 - 8:00pm

'Pleasure Gardens' is the second in a series of two exhibitions, which take an enquiring look at fauna and flora respectively. For this exhibition seven artists working in installation, sculpture, or video interrogate the relationship between the botanical and manmade worlds. Each of the artists has produced new work which plays with the idea of an Edenic escape, and of the bounty of nature - fruit and flowers - metamorphosing into unexpected forms.

Edward Allington's seminal sculptures recreate the classical world by exploiting the overproduction of our modern world, to create fantastical illusions.

Carolyn Godsiff's installation is a dense forest of new species of flowers created from household electrical wiring - a magical floral display that defies gravity.

Mauricio Guillen's video 'No Sharp Objects' presents the simple act of peeling an apple, creating an atmosphere of Zen-like repetition. The video lulls us into a false sense of security only to reveal an alarming twist.

Maria Ledinskaya's installation 'Wonderworld' is an unearthly form of paradise, where overgrown plants dwarf us. 'Wonderworld' recalls Allington's work of the 1980s, combining traditional sculptural elements alongside resin, honey, and jam.

Nicola Maxwell's series of photographs investigating interior landscapes, examine contemporary reworkings of the classical idea of rus in urbe.

Holly Mitchell's installation 'The Magic Garden' juxtaposes virtual and actual landscapes, by embedding LCD screens and neon signage inside garlands of plants and flowers. Read Essay

Ben Sadler's new video 'The Palace' is an entire history of the world, beginning in the Garden of Eden, told by a first-person narrator with billions of years worth of memories.

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Pleasure Gardens

mit Edward Allington, Carolyn Godsiff, Mauricio Guillen, Maria Ledinskaya, Nicola Maxwell, Holly Mitchell, Ben Sadler