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Films, TV, books, magazines, advertisements, music, even train tickets and other everyday objects - the endless products of our culture - serve as basic materials for many artists. These pre-processed materials are reused, reshaped, recoupled and redefined in exciting new works.

Through the radical works of Surrealism, Dada and Pop Art to the present day, many artists have found the new and unexpected in the existent, the extraordinary in the mundane. With works by over thirty artists, PLUNDER offered a look at the diversity that results from this shared approach: the use of widely available, existent products, taken from their original source, diverted from their original purpose.

The 'cut and paste' of today is not only that of paper collage but has grown to encompass digital media, sampled sound and moving image. Reflecting this development, the exhibition included a diverse range of media and strategies, from a small, beautiful paper collage by Kurt Schwitters from 1921 to brutally edited pop videos by Candice Breitz and a breathtaking digital animation by Pierre Huyghe.

Artists in the exhibition were:

Fiona Banner Pierre Bismuth Candice Breitz Roderick Buchanan Edward Burra Melanie Carvalho Claude Closky Factory of Found Clothes Douglas Gordon Hannah Höch Pierre Huyghe Katarzyna Józefowicz Gunilla Klingberg Jakob Kolding Jim Lambie Linder Sarah Lucas John Maclean Michael Mallett Christian Marclay Rivane Neuenschwander Joăo Onofre Gabriel Orozco Eduardo Paolozzi Paul Pfeiffer Jamie Reid Pia Rönicke Eva Rothschild Peter Saville Kurt Schwitters Linder Sterling Fred Tomaselli Cathy Wilkes Michael Wilkinson

PLUNDER - culture as material

Künstler: Fiona Banner, Pierre Bismuth, Candice Breitz, Roderick Buchanan, Edward Burra, Melanie Carvalho, Claude Closky, Factory of Found Clothes , Douglas Gordon, Hannah Höch, Pierre Huyghe, Katarzyna Jozefowicz, Gunilla Klingberg, Jakob Kolding, Jim Lambie, Sarah Lucas, John Maclean, Michael Mallett, Christian Marclay, Rivane Neuenschwander, Joao Onofre, Gabriel Orozco, Eduardo Paolozzi, Paul Pfeiffer, Jamie Reid, Pia Rönicke, Eva Rothschild, Peter Saville, Kurt Schwitters, Linder Sterling, Fred Tomaselli, Cathy Wilkes, Michael Wilkinson