press release

Pop Art was born in England in the 1950's and bloomed in America and throughout European. Pop Art was a shocking expression of art that brought products of popular culture into the art field and overthrew the existing idea of art. It rejects the abstract trend that had been previously mainstream. Instead, it utilizes items which are mass produced and consumed such as, magazines, advertisements, comics and daily necessities as subjects for the works. This current, which is both challenging and energetic, has been supported by many people and has continued to attract and influence the world over since the 1960's.

This exhibition is an ambitious attempt to expose the entire scope of Pop Art which is considered to be one of the most important elements of art in the twentieth century. Eighty exhibits have been selected from the works of the Berardo Collection, which is owned by Portuguese businessman Jose Manuel Berardo. Most of the exhibits are appearing publicly for the first time. The exhibition will give you a sense of the breadth of Pop Art through various works.


The Berardo Collection - Sintra Museum of Modern Art

mit Tom Wesselmann, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bernard Rancillac, Mimmo Rotella, Andy Warhol ...