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We are surrounded by an invisible host of angels, a world closed to our own five senses. What happens when these creatures slip, or are dragged, or perhaps of their own volition, cross over into this world, is that in order to appear to us at all they must become ‘worlded’. Picture it as a layer in the atmosphere through which they must pass, and within which they must be constituted for us, rather like a cloud of inconographic garbage. The distorted contents of the collective unconscious. The stuff that’s in our heads whether we want it there or not. In order to become visible to us they must assemble bodies, (or perhaps have bodies forced upon them), form the contents of this enormous reject pool of discarded but stubbornly persistent images. Like painting your body with glue and running through a thrift store. They crash through the layers of dross and stumble into this world with bodies composed from a wildly heterogeneous and functionally inappropriate collection of parts.

POPOCCULTURAL, adopting the form of a group show, is one such being. Its body composed from the following parts: paintings by Chris Ofili and Simon Bill, the drawings of Jason Fox, Ellen Cantor, Simon Periton and Paul Noble, sculpture by Paul McCarthy and Jeffrey Vallance, video and music by Cosey Fanni Tutti, Chris Carter and Dan Graham, and the readings, writings and responses of Jeremy Deller, John Cussans and Ranu Mukherjee.

Further functions are performed by a number of publications, Cabinet Editions, and an anthology featuring contributions from the artists.

This exhibition of new work by British and American artists has been curated by the Cabinet Gallery.

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Kuratoren: Cabinet Gallery

Künstler: Chris Ofili, Simon Bill, Jason Fox, Ellen Cantor, Simon Periton, Paul Noble, Paul McCarthy, Jeffrey Vallance, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Chris Carter, Dan Graham, Jeremy Deller, John Cussans, Ranu Mukherjee