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The second part of the exhibition project “Possible Worlds” brings contemporary French video art before the public of Nizhny Novgorod. While the central idea of the first part was social criticism, “Possible Worlds. II” turns to mystical constituent of the worlds springing to life in contemporary artworks.

New generation of French artists – participants of the “Possible Worlds II.” exhibition – employ artistic methods which are far from being rational. Simultaneously, they utilize semantic complexity and hypnotic power of images. The artists appeal to occultism, magic, science fiction and even card reading. Project of the real building of the Byelorussian library by Raphael Zarka is a science fiction; and theatrical gestures and postures of heroes, borrowed from the 19th century, from Ulla Von Brandenburg’s movie immerse us in the world of occultism. Aurelien Froment and Crepieux Julien assemble and take apart their fictional and actual stories, like Laurent Montaron pondering over psychological power of images’ impact.

The works are kindly granted by Galerie Art: Concept, Kadist Art Foundation, Lemaitre Collection, Galerie Michel Rein.

POSSIBLE WORLDS. II. / DES MONDES POSSIBLES. II.» 5 one-channel video installations

Artists: Crepieux Julien, Aurelien Froment, Laurent Montaron, Ulla Von Brandenburg, Raphael Zarka. Curator: Jean-Marc Prevost. Coordinator: Belova Elena Place: Nizhny Novgorod, Arsenal, Kremlin, building 6, basement floor. Dates of exhibition – 3rd-10th July, open daily except Mondays from 15.00 till 19.00.

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Possible Worlds II / Des Mondes Possibles II
5 one-channel video installations
Ort: Nizhny Novgorod, Arsenal, Kremlin
Kurator: Jean-Marc Prevost

Künstler: Julien Crepieux, Aurelien Froment, Laurent Montaron, Ulla von Brandenburg, Raphael Zarka.