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Prague Biennale celebrates its 10th anniversary with its 6th edition, which presents again the overview of current artistic tendencies in both central Europe and worldwide. After the pioneering first edition, organized with the National Gallery in 2003, and following with three successful editions in the grandiose industrial space of Karlin Hall, the last edition took place in the futuristic Microna skyscraper.

The inauguration of the 6th Prague Biennale is scheduled for Thursday, June 6, 2013, just after the opening week of the Venice Biennale. This year it is based at the functionalist railway station from 1936, designed by Karel Caivas and Vladimír Weiss, in the vibrant district of Žižkov – the only freight railway station in the Czech Republic, which was recently pronounced as a national monument in March 2013.

The crucial point of Prague Biennale 6 is the section Expanded Painting, curated by Helena Kontova, Giancarlo Politi and Nicola Trezzi, which presents, as always, a spectacular international selection of contemporary painting. Participating artists include some major names on the international art scene including Joshua Abelow (US), Jumaldi Alfi (ID), Ali Banisadr (IR/US), Ashley Bickerton (US/ID), Agostino Bonalumi (IT), Mihuț Boșcu Kafchin (RO), Paula Brunner Abelow (CZ/US), Fendry Ekel (ID/NL), Gábor Gerhes (HU), Alberto Garutti (IT), Peter Halley (US), Helena Hladilová (CZ), John Henderson (US), H. H. Lim (MY/IT), Roman Liška (DE/UK), Florin Maxa (RO), Bruno Munari (IT), Jakub Nepraš (CZ), Joshua Neustein (US/IL), Angel Otero (PR/US), Luděk Rathouský (CZ), Seung-taek Lee (KR), Michael E. Smith (US), Shinique Smith (US), Entang Wiharso (ID/US).

This year, the former section of Prague Biennale dedicated to Czech contemporary art expands to an international context. The curators of the section titled Flow, Zuzana Blochová and Patricia Talacko, do not define generational or local connections nor the current direction of contemporary art. Rather than being similar in content and form, what the artists have in common is their ability to let oneself be carried away and to suppress the intellectual, logical and speculative part of thinking which in turn gives a unique integrity to the works. The participants are Quirin Bäumler (DE), Dirk Bell (DE), Matyáš Chochola (CZ), Václav Girsa (CZ), Milan Grygar (CZ), Čestmír Kafka (CZ), Stanislav Karoli (SK/CZ), Barbara Kasten (US), Esther Kläs (DE/US), Erwin Kneihsl (AT/DE), Bernhard Lehner (DE), Jonas Lipps (DE), Elizabeth Newman (AU), Pavel Pepperstein (RU), Matteo Rovesciato (IT/DE), Richard Stipl (CZ/CA), Viktorie Valocká (CZ), Lenka Vítková (CZ), Dominic Wood (AU/DE), B. Wurtz (US).

The Slovak section Beyond the Art, curated by Mira Sikorová-Putišová, will present work by a selection of renowned Slovak artists who predominantly live abroad. Their interactive and relational work is centred on social issues. The participating artists are Anton Čierny (SK), Katarina Hládeková (SK/CZ), Jana Kapelová (SK/CZ), Daniela Krajčová (SK), Michal Murin (SK), Lucia Nimcová (SK/NL/BE), Štefan Papčo (SK), Tomáš Rafa (SK/PL), Tomáš Šoltys (SK/AT), Matej Vakula (SK/US), Jaroslav Varga (SK/CZ).

Special section of Prague Biennale will present a Homage to Miroslav Tichý (CZ) curated by Roman Buxbaum.

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Prague Biennale 6

Expanded Painting
Joshua Abelow, Jumaldi Alfi, Ali Banisadr, Ashley Bickerton, Agostino Bonalumi, Mihut Boscu Kafchin, Paula Brunner Abelow, Fendry Ekel, Gabor Gerhes, Alberto Garutti, Peter Halley, Helena Hladilova, John Henderson, H. H. Lim, Roman Liska, Florin Maxa, Bruno Munari, Jakub Nepras, Joshua Neustein, Angel Otero, Ludek Rathousky, Seung-Taek Lee, Michael E. Smith, Shinique Smith, Entang Wiharso.
Helena Kontova, Giancarlo Politi, Nicola Trezzi

Quirin Bäumler, Dirk Bell, Matyas Chochola, Vaclav Girsa, Milan Grygar, Cestmir Kafka, Stanislav Karoli, Barbara Kasten, Esther Kläs, Erwin Kneihsl, Bernhard Lehner, Jonas Lipps, Elizabeth Newman, Pavel Pepperstein, Matteo Rovesciato, Richard Stipl, Viktorie Valocka, Lenka Vitkova, Dominic Wood, B. Wurtz.
Zuzana Blochova, Patricia Talacko

Beyond the Art
Anton Cierny, Katarina Hladekova, Jana Kapelova, Daniela Krajcova, Michal Murin, Lucia Nimcova, Stefan Papco, Tomas Rafa, Tomas Soltys, Matej Vakula, Jaroslav Varga.
Mira Sikorova-Putisova

Special section
Homage to Miroslav Tichý
Miroslav Tichy
Roman Buxbaum