press release

dispari&dispari project is pleased to invite you to the opening of 'Public envoirment (public works of the collection odd & odd)' Saturday, October 10, 2015 at 18:00.

'Public Envoirment' brings together for the first time works of Costantino Ciervo, Christian Eisenberger, Flavio Favelli, Peter Goi, Dennis Oppenheim, Thomas Kilpper, Zafos Xagoraris, Patrick Tuttofuoco and Alterazioni Video that have been produced by the gallery over the years for exhibitions in museums, foundations, art biennials, squares, gardens and social gathering places. The works presented, very different in both form and content, are linked from an essential feature, the entity monumental; they have been designed for public space and to interact in the same instant with more people. The materials chosen for their realization are the most different, marble, ceramic, wood, iron, steel, bronze. In most case these artifacts are a dowel or the end result of complex projects that have investigated distant reality for nature and the context. Works ranging from Social Art to Land Art till real works of street furniture. The individual works are not arranged chronologically or through any kind of association, the exhibition design is deliberately chaotic, vibrant, innovative, an accumulation of stories and intent that permeate over time. 'Public Environment', present paintings, sculptures and installations, most of them unknown to the Italian public, but at the same time emphasizes the commitment made in the years by dispari&dispari to support and promote the work of artists through site-specific projects of great breadth, even outside the exhibition venue. Collaborative projects that fully represent the spirit of the gallery and that have guided our work in unknown territories, bringing our attention and our thinking sometimes even in contexts far from the world of contemporary art. A real critical text will not be drawn up, rather the presentation of the works will be entrusted to the description of the processes that led to their birth. The exhibition 'Public envoirment (public works of the collection odd & odd)' can be seen until January 15, 2016.