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PULSE, an invitational fair held annually in Miami and New York, will be a genuine statement on contemporary art, featuring international galleries that have built or are building a strong and consistant exhibition program. Participating galleries are required to articulate their program in a truly curatorial fashion resulting in a more cohesive exhibition experience.

PULSE will highlight the work of international artists as well as reflect the cultural richness of its whole city through a guest curated exhibition of local artists. In its first year, PULSE will showcase approximately 60 American and international galleries.

On site Exhibition: Destination Works @ Pulse Miami Curated by Jade Dellinger

The exhibition "Destination Works" will find inspiration in both Florida's tourist trade and the current international trend in museums to focus on single "masterpieces" or so-called "destination works" (versus "blockbuster" exhibitions). As institutions are increasingly pressured to attract additional visitors and exhibits are becoming more and more expensive to mount, the virtues of the blockbuster show have become a topic of recent debate. Is it possible for a single work of art to do more than an entire exhibition? Can a showstopper (or "destination work") have a greater impact than a blockbuster show, and how then do you curate an exhibition on the theme of showstoppers? The Sunshine State has long attracted tourists with its year-round warm climate and white sand beaches. It is the gateway to Latin America, and this provides a complex and distinct rhythm, color and character to its communities. Its theme parks are a magnet for out-of-state visitors. Like a gallery filled with Impressionist paintings on temporary loan, Florida has a knack for drawing a crowd. Its museums generate major traveling shows, but what about the art that's "made in Florida"? There are major collectors, galleries and institutions in the state. There are significant artists, both emerging and established, living and working there too. However, Florida's status as a burgeoning art mecca (if primarily in winter months) is a rather recent development. In 1995, when artist Maurizio Cattelan proposed "Choose Your Destination: How to Get a Museum-Paid Vacation," he packed his bags for a week of rest, relaxation and a hint of provocation in the Sunshine State. "Destination Works" will include caricature drawings commissioned by Maurizio Cattelan at Busch Gardens in Tampa (and never before shown). Brooklyn-based "assembly-line" painter Steve Keene will distribute "Florida-themed" works like souvenirs, and "show-stopping" new paintings and sculptures will be presented by resident Florida artists like Gean Moreno, Odili Donald Odita, Joe Griffith, A.A. Rucci and others.

About the Curator:

Jade Dellinger is an Independent Curator with a B.A. degree from the University of South Florida in Art History and a M.A. in Arts Administration from New York University. In 1997, he was honored with the Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts as a Distinguished Alumnus of the USF College of Fine Arts. He is the former Director of Edition Julie Sylvester in New York; and a consultant to USF's Graphicstudio.

As an independent curator, Jade Dellinger has organized exhibitions for galleries, museums and alternative spaces internationally. In 1994, he worked with Doug Aitken to present "I'd Die for You" at the Pasco Art Center in Holiday, Florida. He curated "Etkin-Jenkins-Kalpakjian-Long-Moylan" at Gallery LOK and "Full Service" with Andrea Zittel at HEREart in New York. In addition to coordinating and co-hosting "The New York Art Report" (Ring World Productions) with Paul Miller (aka - DJ Spooky) for Japanese satellite television, Dellinger organized "ad-on-exchange" for the pages of Zing Magazine and guest edited Maurizio Cattelan's Permanent Food. In 1996, he curated "21 days in advance" for the Bravin Post Lee Gallery in N.Y.C. and "enroute to m-e-x" for Art & Idea in Mexico City. In 1999, Dellinger co-curated a series of public billboards and site-specific installations with Swiss artist Felice Varini for the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Carrillo Gil and Arte in Situ in Mexico D.F.. And, in 2001, he co-curated "To The Trade" (a trade fair for the art industry) for DiverseWorks in Houston, Texas.

Jade Dellinger has collaborated with Margaret Miller (Director of the USF CAM) on "Choose Your Destination: How to Get a Museum-Paid Vacation" (Maurizio Cattelan's first U.S. museum project in 1995); "Keith Edmier & Evel Knievel" in 1997 and "Keith Edmier: New Work" in 2003; "[re]mediation: The Digital in Contemporary American Printmaking" (the official U.S. participation in the 22nd International Biennal of Graphic Art in Ljubljana, Slovenia); "Allan McCollum: The Event - Petrified Lightning from Central Florida with Supplemental Didactics"; "Atelier van Lieshout" (an exhibition which traveled from the USF CAM to the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati and M.o.C.A. Miami) and "Art in the News" for the pages of The Tampa Tribune (with artists Matthew Barney, Mariko Mori, William Wegman, Andrea Zittel, Lorna Simpson, Allan McCollum, Ed Paschke, Mark Mothersbaugh, The Art Guys and others) which included a year-long lecture series at The Tampa Museum of Art.

In 2001, Jade Dellinger and Margaret Miller co-curated "Lucy Orta: Nexus Architecture and Connector IV" (which traveled to the Bellevue Museum of Art/Washington, the University Galleries at F.A.U. and the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art - SECCA in Winston Salem). More recently, he has worked with the USF CAM to curate "Outside of the Box" (a video installation survey); "Carlos Amorales: Fighting Evil (with style)", and last year's "Janaina Tsch├Ąpe: Blood, Sea."

Jade Dellinger has contributed to numerous publications including Flash Art International, and co-authored Are We Not Men? We Are DEVO! (SAF Publishing Ltd./UK, 2003) the first-ever biography about the 80's New Wave band.


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PULSE Miami 2005

Destination Works @ Pulse Miami
kuratiert von Jade Dellinger

mit Maurizio Cattelan, Steve Keene, Gean Moreno, Odili Donald Odita, Joe Griffith, A.A. Rucci, u.a.