press release

Questioning Photography Now
27.10.2018 - 28.12.2018

Martin Denker, Christine Erhard, Yan Gao, Chenyu Hu, Yinping Hu, Jörg Paul Janka, Matthias Koch, Lang Li, Ming Li, Thomas Neumann, Anne Pöhlmann, Thyra Schmidt, Oliver Sieber, Katja Stuke, Chao Tang, Haichuan Wang, Christoph Westermeier, Zhenhua Xiang, Rui Zen, Yunshu Zhong

Ni Kun, Michael Voets

"Questioning Photography Now" is a spontaneous working title that should be understood as a suggestion. He refers to the current situation of the Düsseldorf photography scene, which is in a concentrated survey of the medium and its own point of view. Autonomous photography alone is understood with its purely artistic claim; the forms of applied photography are not taken into account. The deciding factor for this situation of self-questioning is first of all the postulate of documentary photography academically conveyed by the photographers Bernhard and Hilla Becher, which has shaped the self-conception of Düsseldorf photography. Documentary photography has denied itself in its varieties and can no longer claim to be universally valid. The digitization of photography, its ease of use, its use by everyone and the flood of our daily lives through uninterrupted image production - are further factors that make artistic photography a subject of self-questioning.