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Daniel Hug is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Polish artist Rafal Bujnowski in the main gallery together with an exhibition of Swiss artist Kerim Seiler in the Project Room. “Wrong Works 2005 – 2006” will be Rafal Bujnowski’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles.

For his exhibition “Wrong Works 2005 – 2006” Rafal Bujnowski is continuing his investigation of the correlation between the autonomy of the artwork as an object and its representation of an image. Bujnowski applies simple production processes and creates a kind of a visual instruction manual for the creation of the works. He thus conceptualises his artistic approach to the material facts of the artwork and denounces any idea of individual style. At Daniel Hug Bujnowski will present two installations that encompass painting, sculpture and photography. Bujnowski specifically chose to exhibit these two installations in Los Angeles, as he perceives Los Angeles to be the global capitol of success. For the installation titled “Wrong Works 2005 – 2006”, Bujnowski has created surrogate paintings made from all of his “failed” paintings created between the years of 2005 and 2006. Using a press, the artist has compressed these older works into rectilinear blocks resembling conventional paintings. The second Installation on view is titled “Fishing Hook, 2007”, which consists of a large pile of “rejected” works on paper, combined with one successful version, framed and hanging above the pile. This is Bujnowski’s first solo exhibition at a commercial gallery in the USA. Bujnowski has peviously only shown at Art In General in New York City in 2004. Bujnowski is represented by Raster Gallery in Warsaw Poland, Arndt and Partner in Zurich, Switzerland and both Johnen and Schoettle in Cologne and Ruedigger Schoettle in Munich, Germany. This exhibition runs concurrent with his solo exhibition at Galerie Johnen Schoettle in Cologne Germany.


Daniel Hug Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Swiss artist Kerim Seiler in the Project Room and a site-specific work on the roof of the gallery. Kerim Seiler will present an sculpture situated on the roof combined with a series of new drawings based on Rorschach tests in the back gallery. Seiler’s practice centers around his interest in construction techniques found in common architecture as well as the site where the work is shown. In the past, Seiler has constructed bleachers (used for seating spectators at sports events) and placed them in an empty white cube gallery, putting the white cube under scrutiny. Kerim Seiler was born in 1974. He studied in Hamburg, Geneva and Zuerich. His most recent solo exhibition took place at Susanna Kulli in Zuerich, Switzerland in 2006. Recent group exhibitions include “Situationistes Internationales” at the Museum Tinguely in Basel, Switzerland and “Proces” at the National Gallery in Prag, Czech Republic.

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Rafal Bujnowski
“WRONG WORKS 2005-2006”

Kerim Seiler