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“The art of representation bristles with questions the very terms of which are difficult to apply and to appreciate; but whatever makes it arduous makes it, for our refreshment, infinite, causes the practice of it, with experience, infinite, causes the practice of it, with experience, to spread round us in a widening, not a narrowing circle.” Henry James, The Art of the Novel

Painting is an idea, a tradition, a practice, a set of conventions (and of ways to violate conventions), and many other things as well. It is also, as Yve –Alain Bois noted some years ago, a “model.” As a model, painting presents questions, problem, possibilities, and opportunities that are also applicable beyond its own boundaries. It constitutes a way of doing and seeing that extends itself outward to its surrounding context and to other mediums. For “Reframing” I have asked a number of artists whose work is founded on the model of painting to conceive of a group of works (whether already existing or produced for this occasion) that together would exemplify this expansive application of the model of painting through a constellation of more or less autonomous works capable of forming a discourse among themselves in the space of the Kunsthalle at CCA Andratx. Here, painting generates a thought that might be reconsidered and reframed in another painting or in a work that is not a painting at all, thereby continually widening the circle of what the practice may encompass.

Barry Schwabsky

The artists participating in the exhibition are Diti Almog (Israel/US), Cullinan + Richards (UK), Victor Man (Romania), Marta Marce (Spain/UK), Sean Paul (US), Pietro Roccasalva (Italy), Alexis Marguerite Teplin (US/UK), Lisa Williamson (US), and Toby Ziegler (UK).

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Ort: CCA Kunsthalle, Andratx
Kurator: Barry Schwabsky

Künstler: Diti Almog, artlab Cullinan & Richards , Victor Man , Marta Marce, Sean Paul, Pietro Roccasalva, Alexis Marguerite Teplin, Lisa Williamson, Toby Ziegler