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Opening Tuesday, November 8, 19.00 hrs.

On Tuesday November 8, the opening of Ida Pisani’s new art space in Milan, Prometeogallery, will take place, adjoining itself to the already well-known venue Lucca, located in the Church of San Matteo. The opening of this season will be the first Italian individual exhibit for the Guatemalan artist Regina José Galindo, with artworks that have strong emotional impact created especially for this occasion.

Honored with the Golden Lion for best artist under 35 in the last edition of the Venice Biennale, participating in the exhibition project "Always A Little Further" directed by Rosa Martinez, Regina José Galindo has most recently been part of the Prague Biennale 2 and the Tirana Biennale. The artist made her first international appearance in the 2001 Venice Biennale, who had Harald Szeemann as curator.

Her actions in "Who can erase the traces?" became immediately famous within the public as representation of individual resistance and a collective portrayal of a civil, untrusting society. In this work, a young woman dressed in black makes her way across Guatemala City—from the Constitutional Court to the National Palace—with her feet covered in blood, fulfilling a silent and difficult act, condemning against the possible presidential election of former dictator Rios Montt. But ever since her first action in 1999, Galindo was already congregating the space of her own body with society’s body, when—still unheard—she would chant her poetry while being suspended 10 meters above ground in an urban plaza in Guatemala City.

A true exhibitor of "reenactment" art, Regina José Galindo returns to the places that have served as public witnesses to history’s dramas and, through the use of her body, "reenacts" those actions. The reenactments never attempts to identically recreate the happenings, but instead to restore the possibility of what could have been: her actions don’t reinstate the past as it was, but bring about the possibility of it happening again. It is because of this that the center of Galindo’s work is not a direct representation on itself, but instead a string of theatrical events used as key portrayals are the center of Galindo’s rituals on scene: strange ceremonies, immediate actions that consist of either chants or acts done hic et nunc, reenacted within a real movement.

From here stems the intrinsic political quality of her work: not just the presentation of a generic discourse or a condemning operation. Without conceiving the "repetition", it is not possible to completely explain works as those presented in the past Biennale in Venice "(…) beatings", where the artist beats her own body a number of times equivalent to the number of Guatemalan women who have been killed during the last year. Or furthermore, there would not be a fair interpretation of the extreme actions that take place in works like "Imenoplastía", where the artist places her own body at risk. It is from here that the poetic feature of all of her artworks stem, works that she herself calls "acts of psychomagic", underlining even more the characteristics of suffering and strong emotional charge.

Within the Italian and Milanese context, prometeogallery attempts to promote the awareness of artistic practices that take place in emerging areas and give a voice to cultures belonging to lower-standing economies, while continuing the project Ida Pisani and the Prometeo Foundation have been working for some years now, which is to search and investigate contemporary art in Latin American and in Eastern Europe.

The expansive space of Via Ventura 3 of prometeogallery adjoins itself to the medieval Church of San Matteo in Luca, a site where the Prometeo Association has, during its four years of activities, since 2002, presented a series of exhibits by world renown artists, such as Anibal López, Carlos Amorales and Julian Lede (Newly Rich), Santiago Sierra, Pawel Althamer, Adrian Paci, Radek Community, Gianni Motti, Marcella Vanzo, Sukran Moral, Frédéric Moser & Philippe Schwinger, along with the collaboration of international and Italian galleries.

Prometeo Association has even promoted collective exhibits of great importance, such as "Mexico Attacks!" in 2003 with curator Teresa Macrí, and "Producing Reality" in 2004 with curator Marco Scotini, who has presented thirty artists from seventeen Latin America countries. The Association has made numerous collaborations with national and international institutions, such as: Pragabienal, the MADC Museum from San Jose in Costa Rica, The Adriano Olivetti Foundation in Rome, with the individual exhibit of Anibal López, the Cívica Gallery of Trento and the MNAC of Bucharest, with two individual exhibits of Santiago Serra.

After the individual exhibit of Regina José Galindo, prometeogallery will actively continue hosting exhibits in the 2005-2006 season, including artists Ronald Morán, David Ter-Oganian, José Davila, Santiago Sierra, Gulsun Karamustafa, Erick Beltrán, Javier Tellez, Anibal López, and Maxim Karakulov.

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Regina Jose Galindo
Kurator Marco Scotini