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RENEGADES is a history of performance that was produced or presented at Exit Art over the last 25 years. Through documentation from the archives including video, photographs, slides, ephemera and other archival materials, this exhibition examines Exit Art’s seminal place in the history of performance.

RENEGADES presents documentation of a 1985 recreation of a 1922 Constructivist play by Mastfor II directed by Mel Gordon; to early performances by artists such as Patty Chang, Sue de Beer and Adam Putnam; to Let the Artist Live! an exhibit that pre-dates reality TV where fifteen artists lived and worked in the gallery for five weeks; to historical exhibitions like Endurance that examined performances that tested the physical, mental and spiritual endurance of the body.

Performances From: 1982 Illegal America; 1983 Tehching Hsieh; 1985 Oracle; 1987 Mastfor II: Good Treatment for Horses; 1990 Samuel Beckett; 1990 Tantrum; 1992 Speaking Tongues 1992 Zygmunt; 1992 Stolen Kisses; 1994 Let The Artist Live!; 1995 Endurance 1995 Imaginary Beings; 1996 Resonance; 1996 Sweat; 1996 Terra Bomba; 1996 La Tradicion; 1997 Collective Actions; 1998 The Traveler; 2001 Body and the East 2002 M Play; 2002 Show People; 2003 Exit Biennial: The Reconstruction; 2005 prayingproject; 2006 Water Project; 2006 Wild Nights

Live performances by Trickster Theater: Saturdays, January 20 and 27, 2007 8-10PM Featuring Rob Andrews, Mayumi Ishino, Saeri Kiritani, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Wanda Ortiz, Jolie Pichardo, Pasha Radetzki, Boryana Rossa, Rafael Sanchez, Mark Stafford, Traci Tullius

In 2007-2008 Exit Art will celebrate its 25th Anniversary. This silver anniversary will be commemorated during the year through new programming initiatives and other special events to include an exciting series of exhibitions that explore Exit Art’s rich and diverse history. The first exhibition, RENEGADES, highlights our history of fostering and presenting performance art in New York City. Drawn directly from our archive, this exhibition offers the opportunity to revisit a number of historically important performances as well as exhibitions that explored the contemporary history of performance art.

EXIT ART is an interdisciplinary laboratory for contemporary culture that explores the rich diversity of voices that continually shape art and ideas. Since its founding in 1982 by Directors Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo, Exit Art has presented over 2,500 artists and has grown from a pioneering alternative art space, bringing attention to the work of under-recognized artists, into a model cultural center for the 21st century. With a substantial reputation for curatorial innovation and depth of programming in diverse media, Exit Art’s exhibitions, performances and programs respond to culturally resonant themes, empowering artists to redefine their artistic sensibility. Exit Art is internationally recognized for its unmatched spirit of inventiveness, commitment to supporting artists, and consistent ability to anticipate the newest trends in the culture. A place where different disciplines and audiences converge and cross-pollinate, it is a key site for excavating the unwritte n histories of contemporary art and culture.

25 Years of Performance at Exit Art
A Selection from the Archives

Künstler: Marina Abramovic, Reza Abdoh, Vito Acconci, Bas Jan Ader, Rob Andrews, Eleanor Antin, Skip Arnold, Judith Barry, Paul Benney, Jesse Bercowetz & Ward Shelley, Joseph Beuys, Anne Bogart, David Henry Brown Jr., Matt Bua, Jesse Bercowetz & Ward Shelley, Chris Burden, Maria Bussmann, Antonina Canal, caraballo-farman , Patty Chang, Ogechi Chieke, Sarah Chokyi Bauer, Papo Colo, Arthur Cravan, Sue de Beer, Karen Dolmanisth, Jimmie Durham, Deborah Edmeades, Bradley Eros & Aline Mare, Cecile B. Evans, VALIE EXPORT, Rachel Feinstein, Bob Flanagan, Sherman Fleming, Matthew Flower, Richard Foreman, Terry Fox, Regina Frank, Charley Friedman, GUERILLA ART ACTION GROUP , (Jon Hendricks & Jean Toche), Marisa Gallo, Orly Genger, Gilbert & George, John Giorno, Gavin Grace, Erik S. Guzman, Paula Hayes, Geoffrey Hendricks, Kate Howard, Tehching Hsieh, Aleksandar Battista Ilic, Mayumi Ishino, Kim Jones, Saeri Kiritani, Yves Klein, Alison Knowles, Oleg Kulik, Barry Le Va, David Linton, J. Gabriel Lloyd & John McGurk, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Tom Marioni, Gordon Matta-Clark, Oleg Mavromatti, Paul McCarthy, Dominic McGill, Andrei Monastyrsky, Meredith Monk, Linda Montano, Charlotte Moorman, Charles Morrow, Annie Murdock, Bruce Nauman, nicoykatiushka , Laura Nova, Yasira Nun, Yoko Ono, Dennis Oppenheim, Orlan , Wanda Ortiz, Gina Pane, Suzan-Lori Parks, Jolie Pichardo, Adam Putnam, Pasha Radetzki, Reno , Jae Rhim Lee, Chemi Rosado-Seijo, Sheree Rose, Rachel Rosenthal, Boryana Rossa, Rafael Sanchez, Akiko Sasamoto, Carolee Schneemann, Peter Schumann, Jill Scott, Bonnie Sherk, Barbara T. Smith. Mark Stafford, Heather Stephens, Elizabeth Streb, Stelarc , Javier Téllez, Yasunao Tone, Allessandra Torres, T.R. Uthco  (Doug Hall / Jody Proctor), Traci Tullius, Ike Ude, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Cecilia Vicuna, Riva Weinstein, Martha Wilson, Robert Wilson, David Wojnarowicz, Beatrice L. Wolert, Liz Young ...