press release

Act 2: Greenland Greenland is a self-governing country, which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. From April 21 – May 14, the capital Nuuk will host Act 2, which takes its starting point in the symbolic and lived experiences with postcolonial dependency and marginalization. Act 2 consists of an art exhibition and a public hearing.

This exhibition focuses on contemporary experiences with postcolonial societies and cultures. Identities are examined in their relationship to such factors as state, militarization, and globalization, but also in relationship to landscape and memory. It addresses questions of dependency and marginalization, and proposes ways out of subordination.

Participating Artists/Organizations: Center for Land Use Interpretation (USA) Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld (Denmark) Tamar Guimarães (Brazil/Denmark) Marja Helander (Sámi, Finland) Moshekwa Langa (South Africa/The Netherlands)

Rethinking Nordic Colonialism
A Postcolonial Exhibition Project in Five Acts
ACT 2: Nuuk, Grönland
Contested Territories: Representing Postcolonial Interests

Künstler: Center for Land Use Interpretation , Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Tamar Guimaraes, Marja Helander, Moshekwa Langa

Act 1: 24.03.06 - 16.04.06 Living Art Museum, Reykjavik / Island
Act 2: 21.04.06 - 14.05.06 Greenland National Museum, Nuuk / Grönland
Act 3: 12.05.06 - 04.06.06 Faroe Islands Art Museum, Torshavn / Färöer
Act 4: 16.06.06 - 09.07.06 VRn Veturitalli, Rovaniemi / Finnland
Act 5: 25.11.06 DVD Box Set Launch in Kopenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm