artist / participant

press release

market gallery is pleased to present new commissioned work by Will Duke alongside the first UK showing of Elín Jakobsdóttirs’ Models, previously shown during the first season of contemporary art exhibitions in the Louvre, Paris (December 2004).

Will Duke’s animations are direct representations of real spaces constructed from images sourced from the internet or re-built from photographs of local sites. Using three-dimensional modelling techniques and animation software, Duke juxtaposes everyday spaces with spaces engaged in some kind of scientific activity or observation. By combining the familiar and recognizable with more distant environments, Duke connects what at first appears as abstract advances in empirical knowledge, technology or legislation to our everyday experience and perception of the physical world. Each animation is sited to challenge the viewer to take their surroundings into account whilst engaging with the work.

Elín Jakobsdóttir’s silent 16mm film Models was commissioned in 2004 by the Louvre museum. It interrelates psychological and cultural territories. The film begins with an aerial view of a man seated at a table constructing a cardboard model of the Louvre museum. The action of assembling and deconstructing the model is cut and interspersed with views of the museum interiors when closed to the public. The films montage slides between the physical model and the cultural model, the archaic and the classical, folk art and high art. Alongside Models Jakobsdóttir will also exhibit paper cut out collages which explore modular institutional architecture.

Will Duke / Elin Jakobsdottir