press release

REVOLUTIJA. From Chagall to Malevich, from Repin to Kandinsky
12.12.2018 - 13.05.2018

From December 12, 2017 MAMbo hosts REVOLUTIJA, a great exhibition organised thanks to the exclusive collaboration of the State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, produced and organised by CMS.Cultura in partnership with the Municipality of Bologna | Istituzione Bologna Musei and curated by Evgenia Petrova and Joseph Kiblitsky.

Over 70 artworks – outstanding masterpieces from the State Russian Museum of St. Petersburg display the developing styles and the dynamics of development of artists such as Nathan Altman, Natalia Goncharova, Kazimir Malevich, Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Valentin Serov and Alexandr Rodchenko among the others, showing the extraordinary modernity of Russian cultural movements at the beginning of twentieth century: from Primitivism to Cubo-futurism, up to Suprematism, at the same time building a chronological parallel between figurative Expressionism and pure Abstractionism.