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press release

Roebling Hall is extremely pleased to present Sugar, an exhibition of intensely affecting new works of sculpture, photography and film by Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolley, in collaboration with the artist Samara Golden.

A woman comes out of a refrigerator, crawls across the floor, opens the heating vent and exhumes a corpse - her own. From this crisis point, Sugar tracks a journey into the vertiginous realms of the mind. Dissolving the parameters between reality and psychosis, dream and delusion, Reynolds and Jolley descend into a labyrinth created through the arresting performance of Samara Golden.

A small apartment is filled to overflowing with someone’s past. The protagonist opens the door, uncertain whether she is arriving or returning. As she struggles with the space, the camera shifts focus between agoraphobia, claustrophobia, the internal and the external, the watcher and the watched. Taking its cues from film history, Sugar moves through suspicion, voyeurism, murder, revenge, guilt and reconciliation. The nostalgic-elegiac quality of the footage, combined with the classical pacing of Reynolds and Jolley’s purposefully involuted story create an enveloping scene that floats uneasily between real-time drama and subjective, non-linear experience.

Accompanying the film loop, Reynolds and Jolley further explore these unsettling territories with the expansion of the film device at the centre of the story. This impossible “three-dimensional film still” uses two life-size, hyper real sculptures to present a live self and a dead self in communion together. By means of this literal representation of the doeppelganger, Reynolds and Jolley allow for a sustained and powerful view of the dark, dead centre of the minds eye. A mix of the best hallucinogenic effects of both Duane Hanson and David Lynch, these sculptures in particular provide an hypnotic echo of life just beyond the threshold of the conventionally reasonable and the familiarly rational.

Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolley have exhibited in, among other venues, Tate Modern, London; National Gallery of Art, Washington DC; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles: Secession, Vienna: Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba. Their films have shown in many international festivals, including Sundance, The Edinburgh Festival, and the Rotterdam Film Festival. Reynolds and Jolley’s 2003 project Burn will be exhibited at the 2007 Berlin Biennial.

Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolley with Samara Golden