press release

Andrew Kreps Gallery is pleased to present a single-work installation by Ricci Albenda.

Untitled is a simple experiment. Though similar in many ways to some of his Trompe l'oeil installations of the past, this installation does not attempt to fool the eye but rather relies on the viewer's suspension of disbelief. Like the ocean meeting the sky, the floor extends up the wall as a flat plane of color, while the ceiling descends to meet it at an infinite distance on the horizon. This horizon line is tilted slightly, loosening itself from the architecture to which it is attached, and destabilizing the viewer's relationship with the absolute level horizon with which we are all familiar. This tilt also allows the work to accommodate the majority of adult heights and their associated eye-levels. Thus, if everyone in the gallery were to migrate to a place for which the horizon coincided with their own eye-level, a tilted plane of heads would be created.

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Ricci Albenda