press release

Adam Baumgold Gallery presents the exhibition "Road Works" from June 12 through August 15, 2008. This group exhibition features 29 artists' meditations on the open road, crowded thoroughfares and nature's paths. Through paintings, drawings and sculptures they explore the road as a symbol of progress, connection, expansion or escape.

Included in the exhibition is Saul Steinberg's masterful drawing "Bleecker Street," 1971 which shows the promenade as a locus of culture of all types, from the commercial to the martial to the downright seedy. Elvis Studio's (Helge Ruemann and Xavier Robel) 29 foot long drawing "Elvis Road," 2001 extends through the endless spectacle and insanity of their dystopian cartoon city. In Seth Michael Forman's painting "Traveler, "2003 the road is a recurring theme, representing the journey of life. Arnold Friedman's painting "Stoughton, Massachussets (Winding Road)," c.1935-40 makes scenic roads seem more oblique, at once inviting and forbidding. Vivienne Koorland delves into the psychological and political significance of journeys with her blank road sign painting "Signpost," 1995. Scott Teplin's "Criss Cross Crash," 2008 features civic engineering that has gone haywire, overwhelming its fragile urban location. In John Dogg's (Richard Prince and Colin De Land) "Silver Hub," 1983 consists of Duchampian mini tires are incased in a plexiglas box, as if they have intervened to keep the rubber from meeting the road.

Road Works

Künstler: Saul Steinberg, H. C. Westermann, George Grosz, Arnold Friedman, Robin Tewes, Elvis Studio  (Xavier Robel & Helge Reumann), Ruth Marten, Scott Teplin, Genevieve Castree, Andras Böröcz, Adam Dant, Vivienne Koorland, Seth Michael Forman, Colin Brant, Nick Blosser, John Dogg  (Richard Prince & Colin de Land), Mark Kostabi, Keith Jones, K.S. Rives, Diane Christiansen, Heather Goodchild, Sally Webster, Anton van Dalen, Charles Burns, Bette Blank, Mark Wiener, Rebecca Bird, Joseph Yoakum ...