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New York artist Robert Beck will open an exhibition of drawings Saturday March 31 with a reception for the artist that evening from 6-8 PM. Beck’s exhibition of recent works includes three mural-size charcoal drawings, eleven psychological case study renderings, and a men’s room graffiti-covered urinal screen. Robert Beck writes: As an artist who works in a variety of media, drawing has become increasingly central to my work. This has occurred in a variety of ways: as artists have done traditionally, I now rely on drawing for the development of ideas, often through renderings in my own hand of illustrations found in psychological case-studies or How-To Guides; secondly, I have featured drawing in the fabrication of formally diverse objects, such as a men’s room urinal screen covered with graffiti, which I recorded and then replicated in my own hand; and finally, I have dramatized key themes within my work by amplifying the scale, and performative aspect, of drawing itself, exemplified by mural-size charcoal drawings of animal traps in which the original pictorial illustration is altered by the atavistic marks and smudges left by my making it, or an artists sketchpad scorched by the act of shooting it with a shotgun. In general, I am interested in drawing conceptually as a mark-making endeavor, from its traditional art making applications to its more humble, everyday manifestations. Concurrently on view at Whitney Museum of American Art are five drawings by Robert Beck (one large and four small trap studies) which are included in the exhibition The Draftsman’s Colors: Fourteen New Acquisitions from Johns to Chong − through July 8th.

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Robert Beck