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The first major retrospective of the work of Robert Combas, Greatest Hits brings together over 300 oeuvres chosen from public and private collections in Europe, the United States and Asia, set out over the 3000 square metres of the museum. The exhibition also includes new works made specially on-site.

Curated by Richard Leydier with the cooperation of the artist himself, the selection puts special emphasis on historic works, many of which, being in private collections, are not widely known, while mapping the key moments of Combas’s prolifi c career, all the way up to the works done during the exhibition itself.

Two floors of the museum are taken up by a chronological and thematic sequence accompanied by music chosen from Combas’s record collection. The exhibition ends with a projection of his latest creations, his “video clips,” which are like “musical paintings,” combining graphic and aural compositions.

For two months, Combas will be invited to occupy a specially created studio integrated into the exhibition circuit where he can continue to paint, write and play or listen to music, but also meet professionals, friends and members of the public in a very rock’n’roll atmosphere.

Robert Combas
Greatest Hits
Kurator: Richard Leydier