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For over four decades, Robert Heinecken has been a trenchant observer of social and sexual politics. Although he rarely uses a camera himself, he makes innovative use of photography by combining found photojournalistic and advertising images into new works.In the 1960s, he put this strategy to provocative use with a series of reconfigured magazines laden with highly charged content, which he then sometimes put surreptitiously back into circulation. For example, in his series Periodical #5, made at the height of the Vietnam War, Heinecken took magazines such as Glamour and overprinted the images of fashion models with horrific images of young Vietnamese soldiers, much to the surprise of newsstand consumers who purchased his disruptive juxtapositions of fashion and violence, pop culture and politics. This exhibition gathers a rich selection of these magazine-based works, including works from the Smart Museum’s collection and the artist’s archive.

Curator: Stephanie Smith, Smart Museum Curator of Contemporary Art


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Robert Heinecken
Magazines / Works on Paper
Kurator: Stephanie Smith