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Following the popular interactive website created by Faisal Abdu’Allah for Route 12: 36, the South London Gallery’s ongoing project on London Routemaster buses nos. 12 and 36, four artists have been selected from an open submission for the next phase of the project, to be launched on 20 June 2000.

Prawn Publishing is an artist-led initiative run by Nicky Coutts and Sarah Waring that actively engages image and text based work with pre-existing print media. Printed information such as magazines, letters, stickers and business cards are re-arranged, stretched, cross-referenced and remoulded to produce new meaning. For Route 12 : 36, Prawn Publishing intend to use two types of advertising spaces: the poster advertising spaces inside the buses and the advertising spaces on the reverse of bus tickets. On the tickets a long sentence will be printed which can be broken down into independent phrases every time a ticket is torn off and issued. The posters will act as a key, the only place where the sentence can be read in its entirety. The phrases chosen will address and involve the passengers evoking tales of their journey.

Emily Allchurch is interested in the spaces of public transport as providing a means of 'escapism', "enabling the mind to wonder on an alternative inner journey to the one you are physically making". Emily will travel on both bus routes, stopping to take photographs of streets named after other countries and cities such as Moscow Road, Poland Street, Denmark Hill, Adelaide Street, Florence Road, Old Quebec Street and Petty France. Emily will then produce hand-tinted postcard style images for display inside the buses creating a sense of travel and exploration without leaving London.

Helen Barff: 'lost property ( ) on route 12 : 36'. Helen Barff is interested in the ephemerality of objects and her work attempts to capture the traces of these objects in the form of light or sound. For Route 12 : 36 Helen will photograph actual "lost property" left on the buses. The memories of lost object will be recreated in the form of photographic shadows. The 'lost objects will also appear on a website and passengers will be invited to submit 'memories' of 'lost objects' in the form of writings or poetry. These will be distributed on the website and printed on postcards.

Cedar Lewisohn: ART IN MOTION. Cedar Lewisohn is interested in the transportation of events to unlikely places such as a boxing match to a church, a french maid distributing literature in a cafeteria and art travelling on a bus. For Route 12 : 36, Cedar will ask the passenger to choose the 'art work' that they would like to see on their own bus. Questionnaires will be given out on the buses by special costumed ART IN MOTION "art" conductors. One lucky "winner" will receive a cash prize whose ART IN MOTION form is pulled out of a hat. The most popular images will then be reproduced and displayed on the buses.

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Route 12: 36 / Open 2000
Prawn Publishing, Emily Allchurch, Helen Barff, Cedar Lewisohn