press release

The Centre for the Arts Caja de Burgos presents the first major exhibition of the work by Royal Art Lodge to be organized in Spain by presenting a selection of their most relevant and complex works as well as a new piece -in absolute premiere- at CAB.

The possibility of contemplating this series of works that the three Canadian artists -Michael Dumontier, Marcel Dzama and Neil Farber- have progressively developed since 2003, when the group -originally conceived in Winnipeg in 1996- became finally comprised of these three artists, is thus a true privilege.

The group fixed Wednesdays as their meeting day. An encounter in which one of them would begin to paint, subsequently leaving the work at the disposal of whoever wished to add or modify something, introducing those meaning and linguistic shifts which are currently the household brand of the RAL.

In the paintings by RAL the choice of some particularly recurrent themes may be easily detected. Characters and situations always bear a strong narrative potentiality, which has nevertheless been willingly hidden, making it impossible to trace a beginning or an end.

The Royal Art Lodge