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Rubens and van Dyck are two of the giants of art history. Their works dominated Flemish and indeed European painting for several centuries. See and compare the works of the two artists in an exhibition at Nationalmuseum in spring 2010.

Meet two of the giants of art history: Peter Paul Rubens and Anthonis van Dyck, a pair of 17th-century Flemish painters whose influence on European art endured for centuries. The exhibition emphasizes the magnitude and scope of Flemish painting. The works range from the elegant to the burlesque. Some feature religious or mystical motifs; others are genre paintings. They all have a story to tell. The exhibition will help contemporary onlookers interpret and understand these stories.

We’ll learn about the creation of the paintings, the techniques used to produce them, and the working relationships between the artists in their studios. We’ll also be introduced to the Flemish masters’ sources of inspiration, and to those who followed in their footsteps. A number of masterpieces on loan from museums in Europe and the United States will be on show alongside Nationalmuseum’s own superb collection of Flemish paintings.

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Peter Paul Rubens & Anthonis van Dyck
Kurator: Görel Cavalli-Björkman