press release

The exhibition “Rumors of Glory” brings together works by international artists that all operate between the poles of implied anticipation and actual progression. The pieces on display trigger expectations, playfully directing them in certain directions, or negotiating their failure. Here, the seemingly familiar and the unequivocally known remain in a kind of muted domain of hearsay.

Our expectations are shaped by our experiences, by what we have learned and observed. At the same time, they are based on desire and a hope for a specific outcome. Whether they are fulfilled or not depends on external factors; whether they actually take place remains uncertain up until a particular point in time. But what happens if our expectations do not lead to tangible results? If they remain unfulfilled, or if our assumptions and the outcome fail to coincide?

“Rumors of Glory” presents both playful and critical positions that challenge our expectations and nudge us into a state of unyielding hope and trepidation.