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In her art Saara Ekström deals with fundamental issues about life and death. In this process and in her works time becomes a vital element together with a strong, poetic sensuality. In various techniques – installations, drawings, watercolours, photographs and videos - she works with found objects, bodily materials like hair, blood or sweat or living things like flowers or oysters. “I like the unpredictability and randomness of my materials. Some of the works can crumble and vanish, others be preserved forever, they are all equally important to me. The materials are not self-serving, they contribute to my themes. I use them to construct a whole that is both attractive and repulsive at the same time.” Her most recent video works can have an almost hypnotic effect in the complex, repetitive ornamentations that are created by drops of milk falling through dark water. Saara Ekström lives and works in Finland where she is represented in all major collections. At the Nordic Watercolour Museum she will show both new and old works.

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Saara Ekström