press release

This is the first exhibition of a project run by Vacío 9 the aim of which is to promote an annual exchange of artists with non-Spanish galleries that share similar working methods, and whose philosophy and motivations are also alike. In the future, Vacío 9 will be organising individual exhibitions featuring some of the artists introduced at this show.

In "Salto al Vacío", which was organised by Sadie Coles (of Sadie Coles H.Q., London), works by the following artists were exhibited:


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Sadie Coles
Sadie Coles HQ, London
Salto al Vacío

mit Don Brown, Angus Fairhurst, Jonathan Horowitz, Jim Lambie, Sarah Lucas, Victoria Morton, Laura Owens, Simon Periton, Elizabeth Peyton, Richard Prince, Ugo Rondinone, Andrea Zittel