press release

Salad Days
12 Curators select 12 Artists
Organisation: Jennifer Moon, Hillary Wiedemann

Opening Reception: Tuesday July 11, 6-8pm

A person's "salad days" are the days of youth, when he or she is "green" (without experience), but fresh and hopeful.… the important connotation of the phrase is the sense of crisp, fresh youth, tossed with abandon and topped with the tangy vinaigrette of boundless optimism. - The Word Detective, Evan Morris, 1998

Artists: , Ronnie Bass, Carla Edwards, Mauricio Guillen, Kosuke Ikeda, Lara Kohl, Philip Maysles, Mamiko Otsubo, Fay Ray, Ania Soliman, Chris Taylor, Amy Westpfahl

Curators: Stacey Allan, Yaelle Amir, Tairone Bastien, Naomi Beckwith, Anna Gray, Matthew Lusk, Anthony Marcellini, Courtney J. Martin, Amie Scally, Elisabeth Schneider, Shinya Watanabe, Hillary Wiedemann

In 2004, Artists Space Associate Curator Letha Wilson and then Program Coordinator (now Associate Curator) Jennifer Moon organized the first Salad Days exhibition with the intention to present the work of twelve emerging artists selected by twelve emerging curators, all at a particular moment in their artistic career described as their “salad days.”

This year, the 2004 curators were each asked to select one new emerging curator. Organized by Hillary Wiedemann, Gallery Manager, with the guidance Jennifer Moon, these new curators each selected one artist, beginning the biannual tradition of the Salad Days exhibition. The curators met several times to address conceptual and organizational aspects of the show. Each bring to the table unique perspectives and experience, which are reflected in their choice of artists. The end result is an exhibition that showcases an exciting group of emerging artists and offers them the opportunity to present their work to a broad audience.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a public “Salad Potluck.” In keeping with the spirit of collaboration and discourse, Artists Space will open the gallery for an informal picnic, and asks each guest to bring a dish to pass as well as ideas to share. This event will be held Wednesday, July 19 from 6-8pm.