press release

Same Same But Different
Exhibition of imai’s new Video Still Edition 2015

On the occasion of the Düsseldorf Photo Weekend the imai foundation will present its new limited video still edition in the exhibition same same but different.
Ten international artists have selected themes from their works included in the imai distribution program. A number of these distinguished analogue and digital videos created in the period from the nineties until today will also be exhibited.

The artists choose various avenues and interpretations of the original material. Moving images are identifiable in the themes as the source used for the large-sized photographic prints. The contrast between moving pictures and stills generates a tension, which highlights the various materials and medial qualities of video and photography.

Participating artists:
Robert Cahen, Freya Hattenberger, Gudrun Kemsa, Sunjha Kim, Mischa Kuball, Philipp Lachenmann, Van McElwee, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Atsushi Ogata, Myriam Thyes.

The video stills and videos can be purchased from imai.