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We are delighted to present our second solo show by Samuel Rousseau. The artist's medium can most readily be described as video installation, although many of his works behave like sculptures, despite their video components. Such categories are not a concern for Samuel Rousseau, and yet from his most monumental and complex works, to the smallest objects, questions of the interrelationships of scale, space and setting always complement the more fundamental questions for him, of content and subject.

For his new works at Parker's Box, the artist filmed a wide cast of actors, through a partnership with the French National Theatre, providing the raw material for his constructed video projections. For example, in Untitled (Plastic Mountain), seen here for the first time, a battery of concealed projectors fills the plastic mountainside with climbing figures. In Plastikcity, Rousseau uses plastic jerry cans to build a cityscape, and projects its windows, buzzing with urban activity. While there is always a degree of humor in the artist's dissection of humanity, this is often counterbalanced by surprising tenderness, and if Plastikcity can be seen as a kind of miniaturized Everyman theatre, another work, Maternaprima manipulates scale in the opposite direction, as planet Earth becomes a wall-sized pregnancy.

Samuel Rousseau, has exhibited internationally at institutions including XIV Festival Internacional de Arte Eletrõnica Videobrasil, São Paolo, Galerie L'Imaginaire, Lima, Perœ, Museo de Arte de Sabadell, Spain, Kunstmuseum, Bonn, Germany, Neues Museum Weserburg, Bremen, Germany, Fondation Cartier, Paris, La Maison Rouge, Paris, Musée d'Art et D'Industrie, St Etienne, Musee de Grenoble, Musée d'Art Contemporain, Lyon, MAMAC, Nice, MAC, Marseille, France. His work is represented in prestigious collections such as Hermès, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Ville de Paris, and Fonds National d'Art Contemporain, Paris, Art Foundation, Porto, Portugal, Contemporary Art Museum, New Zealand.


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Samuel Rousseau