press release

Margarete Roeder Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition with works by Fred Sandback, Neil Jenney, Blinky Palermo, and Richard Tuttle from November 9 to December 18, 2004.

In 2001 Sandback made several works for one wall in the gallery; of these only one was exhibited in the group exhibition "wall>sculpture." Now three more from this group will be exhibited, each for two weeks from November 9-20, November 23-December 4, and December 7-18.

In context with these late works by Sandback the exhibition will include early works from 1965-70 by Jenney, Palermo and Tuttle. Although of one generation (all the artists were born between 1941 and 1945) they have rarely been shown together.

A painted wood relief by Tuttle and a painterly object by Palermo both investigate form and color. Indeed Tuttle has remarked "The problem of how color goes on something, so it becomes real color, is what interest me in the work of Palermo; it seems the thread which unites his entire oeuvre."* The works by Jenney and Sandback, while more clearly sculptural, also address form and color in a more definitively spatial mode. What is most evident here are individual sensibilities and languages, rather than any allegiances to minimal or postminimal schools of thought.


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Fred Sandback, Neil Jenney, Blinky Palermo, and Richard Tuttle