press release

SATURATION in Martin Asbæk Projects is a highly saturated mixture of art and calories.

The walls are packed with drawings, paintings and photos that you can look at while eating an ice cream!

SATURATION is also the name of the chocolate ice cream produced by the artists and served at the opening – in signed tubs.

In their show Olof Olsson and Javier Tapia are working with saturation points. The idea of taking an object or a space, an artistic practice and saturate it in order to make it even more intense than itself …

The title of the show refers to a desire for accentuating something already existing - as when using the command “saturation” in the programme Photoshop to saturate the expression of an image – or when you pure too much sugar in your coffee to saturate the taste.

Olof Olsson (SE) is educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2002 and Javier Tapia (CL) is still a student there.

For years they have been working on a parallel project collecting images. Every day a new image more or less. The mania for collecting has left different traces in their practice but they both wish to create a total representation of the world. A work that contains everything - leaving the spectator truly satisfied.

The installation in Martin Asbæk Projects is an attempt to pursue this goal and with the SATURATION ice the two artists seem to have found a short cut.

What is more completely satisfying than the taste of delicate chocolate ice cream?


SATURATION - Images, Reality and Chocolate Ice Cream
Olof Olsson & Javier Tapia