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SEAFair that was initiated for the first time in 1997, represents the first manifestation of this type on the Balkans, connecting the local and international artists, critics, and theoreticians working in new technologies and media, has for its five years of existence attracted artists and theoreticians from all five continents. The Festival has achieved a great international importance being envisioned as a series of events, exhibitions, symposia, workshops, and web conferences that explore the creation and practise of new media arts. The event has since served traditionally as an international and inter-cultural meeting place of arts and technologies, influencing the discussions about artistic, philosophic, educational and other aspects of the processes, which characterize electronic culture, but also of the processes and the challenges which biotechnology, genetic engineering, and nano technology place before us.

The Contemporary Art Center, as an organizer of the event, has succeeded to turn the Skopje Electronic Arts Fair into an annual event that has established a great local and regional significance, not only because SEAFair represents historically the first manifestation on the Balkans that since then has become the central focal point in the region for the dispersing of knowledge of electronic arts, but SEAFair also exceeds with the approach that is always positioned in the finding of strategies for dynamic exploration and adjustment towards the conceptions and technologies which surround us.

The project SEAFair 2002 Cultural Transformation - Consciousness and New Technologies is envisioned to bring together culture theoreticians, practitioners of new media, philosophers, consciousness experts, neuroscientists, artists and sociologists, in a constructive dialogue. We expect the project to produce an open atmosphere for critical discourse, and an on-going debate regarding the raised issues. The idea of this sixth edition of SEAFair is to investigate the cultural transformation in the beginning of the 21st century by critically examining in an overall platform the evolution of consciousness, society, networks, and new media. The study of consciousness is now considered to be one of the top themes in artistic and cultural circles especially because current research of broad fields in a cultural and a social sense may assist us in the visualizing of our future.

The main theme of the Symposium will be CULTURE AND CONSCIOUSNESS. Themes such as the influence of techno-scientific change upon society, the study of consciousness, the study of the mind, etc. will be examined.

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SEAFair 2002
Skopje Electronic Arts Fair
Cultural Transformation - Consciousness and New Technologies
Ort: MoCA - Skopje Museum of Contemporary Arts
Veranstalter: Contemporary Art Center Skopje

Künstler: Valentin Stefanoff / Nina Kovacheva, Adam Zaretsky, Kristijan Lukic & Zvonko Gorcan, Irena Paskali, Radka & Stanislav Muller, Stefan Saskov, Dijana Tomic Radevska, Billjana & Aleksandar Zdravdovski & Gjorgi Stoilkov, Michalis Pichler, Mike Stubbs, Oksana Chepelyk, logicaland, Maja Sokolpva & Aleksandar Tits, Symbiotica, Eduardo Kac, Dejan Spasovic & Dorijan Jovanovic