press release

The exhibition entitled Self-managed interest community in the Cultural Centre of Belgrade presents artists’ practices and productions connected with those of Gallery SIZ and those who gravitate around and towards the artistic scene of the Gallery.

After seven years of work, SIZ Gallery became recognized in the regional and local cultural environment as a space with specific profile regarding visual content and important point of contemporary art productions and practices, both on the local and international maps of centers for contemporary art. The content of SIZ is determined primarily through the works of art which reflect on the social reality and its specific dimensions such as politics, culture, ideology, cultural policy criticizing the dictatorship of the neoliberal capitalism, all forms of the right-wing’s policies, nationalism, chauvinism and revisionism. On the level of ideas, discussing the art market, SIZ defines itself through the economically discarded but artistically never more relevant model. Collective affiliation of equal individuals made in order to jointly approach the public and the market is the modus operandi as well as the associations name. By emphasizing the collectivistic aspects of the organization, but without strictly outlining financial plans, SIZ, in all its potentiality to shift from the artistic to the economical sphere nevertheless stays an art project.

Self-managed interest community and SIZ gallery was founded in Rijeka in 2009 by the artists: Siniša Labrović, Nemanja Cvijanović, Igor Grubić, Tomislav Brajnović, Milijana Babić, Cesare Pietroisuti, Oliver Ressler, Janez Janša (ex Davide Grassi), Slaven Tolj, art collective ŠKART, group ABS, Club of art lovers and organization Drugo more. From 2009 to 2012 program of the gallery SIZ was runned by Nemanja Cvijanović, while from 2012 it is runned by group Fokus Grupa in cooperation with Nemanja.

Realization and coordination: Cultural Centre of Belgrade